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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of our operation – there are so many ways to get involved!  BEHART volunteers must be at least 18 years of age (a limited number of volunteer opportunities may be available to 16 and 17 year-old youth, in areas typically not involving direct animal handling) and commit to volunteering at least 12 hours per month. 

Please find on this page a detailed list of volunteer opportunities that may interest you (you can choose more than one!) and then fill out our Volunteer Application by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Kennel Volunteer

BEHART occasionally needs help with recently-rescued animals.  These volunteers will perform a variety of duties including taking animals out in yards; socializing, playing and interacting with them; cleaning kennels; preparing meals and feeding; doing laundry; and performing other similar duties.  These volunteers provide a comfortable, safe and loving environment for our recently adopted animals.  Shifts are scheduled ahead of time and are fairly predictable.

Lost Pet Search Volunteer

When a family loses a pet, they are devastated and overwhelmed.  Search volunteers will assist with making and hanging flyers near the area where the pet was lost; tracking sightings; conducting foot searches; manning food and water stations; and removing flyers once the search is complete.  These assignments typically arise on short notice once a pet goes missing, however ongoing search support can last for days or even weeks.

Trapping Volunteer

Participate in actual field rescues of at-large dogs by working alongside an experienced BEHART trapper.  Learn how to assess a case; analyze a scene; identify travel patterns; create a trapping strategy; place and set traps (both traditional and complex/specialty); set up and maintain feeding stations; communicate with concerned members of the community; and bring animals to safety.  Volunteers are needed at all times, but most trapping is done at night.  Must be able to assist in carrying trapping equipment and hands-on outdoor work.

Foster Volunteer

The majority of animals rescued by BEHART are under-socialized and shy.  We are always looking for volunteers with quiet households and other friendly animals to foster for BEHART in their home.  Our rescues benefit greatly from a “mentor pet” and a home environment where they can build self-confidence in preparation for ultimate adoption.  If you’d like to learn more about fostering a pet in your home, please visit our FOSTER page here:  (enter link).  Note that you will need to fill out a DIFFERENT application if you wish to foster a pet – that form can be found on the foster page link.

Transport Volunteer

We are always moving animals AND trapping equipment around!  If you have an SUV, crossover, truck or van (that can accommodate a large airline crate or trap), you can assist us in transporting animals for vet appointments, or transporting trapping equipment to and from trap sites. Schedules can be both last-minute (equipment transport) and planned (vet visits).  Must be able to help with lifting and carrying equipment with the assistance of others.

Equipment Steward

Help us to keep our equipment clean, functional, and accounted for.  We have traps; crates; cameras; nets; bowls; and more.  Preparing our equipment for storage and easy retrieval by trappers will keep us operating efficiently and effectively.


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